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This is the Jane & Henry in Hollywood blog.

It’s time for all bloggers to email Prof. Richter about which films they want to write their response blogs on.  You can use david.richter@qc.cuny.edu or drichter@nyc.rr.com please!

In order to Post a Response Paper, go to the “Meta” widget in the right column and click on “Site Admin” and then log in as you usually do. In the left column of the Dashboard screen you will see Posts. Click on Add New. You have to NAME your post. Choose a headline, followed by something telling us who is posting. Then there will be a place to write your post. You can just paste in something you have written elsewhere. The posting box has features you can click to add bold face or italics, an internet link, or a frame from the film if you have the equipment to produce one–etc. Email me if you have any problems.

Response papers should be short (I’m thinking 500 words) and definitely without “padding”; boring the reader is so not the point. You can take up the film globally (discussing or questioning the interpretation of the written text which the film adaptation makes) or you can address specific issues (screenplay, camera work, pacing and editing, soundtrack, performances). Comments are definitely in order by the rest of the class: this is just another form of “class discussion.”