Adventure in the Bookstore

Milly and Kate meet and Shaw’s book shop in Bloomsbury. (I’ve been there, it’s near the British Museum.)  And they scandalize the (male) customers by going over to the “Foreign Language” section and opening a scandalous book.

And having a laugh about it

The subject of the pornographic illustration, though is one man simultaneously pleasuring two women–and of course that is what becomes both more and less than a joke as their relationship with each other and with Merton develops….

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2 thoughts on “Adventure in the Bookstore

  1. Blog 1:

    While watching the movie adaptation of Emma better known as Clueless, I couldn’t help but think about the importance of updating class works of literature into art that is accessible to all. What I mean when I use the term accessible is engaging, and easily comprehendible. Throughout my educational career I have found that classes are grounded on the principles of classic works of literature like Emma, but unfortunately students are unengaged with the text and find them boring and out of date. The great thing about Clueless is that it features the story of Emma in the era of the 90s- arguably known as one of the best times in history, as well as characters who both perpetuate and deny their stereotypical roles in society. One example of this can be seen in the main character of the movie-Cher who is a portrayal of Emma. Cher is a woman of immense wealth and privilege. This can be seen in her countless shopping sprees and ability to use her charm on her father to get what she pleases. Although Cher is a character whose dominant conflict deals with financial and social security she shows signs of being caring, gentle and lovable. She breaks her stereotype by trying to help her friends throughout the movie as well as when she expresses concern over one of her father’s court cases and health. In this adaptation, individuals of all ages are able to understand the basic plot and characteristics of the characters within the original work. I believe it is important to study the canons of literature, but I also believe that literature should adapt as society changes in order to continue the great stories trapped between the pages of old books. It can also be used as a tool in the classroom to examine how the society in which we live directly affects the literature we produce.
    Blog 2
    The 1997 film The Wings of the Dove was one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. From the costumes to the recording, beautiful scenery and acting, this film scored major points in my book. For this blog I would like to focus on the character relationships and chemistry between the characters. I felt that this film was a success due to the intricacies of the acting within it. The relationship between Kate, Merton, and Millie is one of immense interest to me and really showcases the difficulties of love. Although the audience is aware that these characters are played by actors the chemistry displayed in each scene gives an illusion of reality that viewers desperately want. For instance, the scene where Kate is on the stairs with Merton, she holds a flirtatious essence that comes off as dominant as she is trying to figure out if Merton likes Millie. Merton understands what Kate is trying to drag out of him and using his body language and humor to escape her sneaky ways. Each character knows exactly what to do in order to make each other feel comfortable. Whether it’s Kate touching Merton softly to get him to disengage from his wavering emotions of its Millie with her soft eyes staring at him and then glancing away. The raining scenes add another layer of dimension to this work. Although we spoke about how they weren’t authentic in class it adds to the romantic nature of the film by expressing the lovers standing and passionately kissing.
    Blog 3
    Bride and Prejudice is a film that takes the story of Pride and Prejudice and spins it into a Bollywood showcase which centers on a marriage and Indian culture. I found that this spin was really captivating due to the colors, costumes and music. In this blog I would like to focus on the colors featured within the film. I believe that the colorful scenery, costumes and lighting added to the appeal of the film. I’m sure that many people might have been turned off to the fact that this director transformed Pride and Prejudice into a Bollywood adaptation so the director and the cast new that their approach had to be spectacular which it was. There is one scene in particular which showcases a beautiful array of colors. This scene happens right after the main character sings a song about her friend leaving them after she is married; they are all in town with people everywhere. The cameras change focus and zooms out to showcase the people of the town and the colors they are all wearing. As the camera zooms out we see an organized rainbow and the individuals dancing and jumping in celebration. The bright vibrant colors act as a welcoming to all cultures watching the film. They make you feel happy and like you are a part of the Indian culture within the film. I also found a new appreciation for this culture by watching it and the colors displayed showcased how beautiful and truly unique this culture is. This film showcases that if properly planned we can transform literature across cultures

  2. I really liked this scene in terms of foreshadowing. As suggested, the subject of the pornographic illustration is a metaphor/ representation for their triangular relationship between Kate, Milly, and Merton. However, what captured my interest was the part where Kate took charge of entering that “Foreign Language” section and opening that book first. Milly didn’t even think of doing that, probably because she had other worries to deal with, but she was open to it as Kate was confident in her actions, though they may appear scandalous. Kate has this aura of power surrounding her as she takes charge with one little action or thought, gives it a gentle push, and it just happens. I believe that Kate is more like the man in the picture as she’s the one who recognizes what pleasures the people around her desires (Milly wants Merton, Merton wants Kate happy, and Kate wants security and freedom) and believes that it’s an equivalent exchange so long as everyone has a taste of what they want, expect it doesn’t look right. Just like how twisted the picture is with that kind of relationship.

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