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  1. Bridget Jone’s Diary was a very interesting adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. One difference between the two that I found myself focusing on throughout the story was the elimination of an overbearing family. Besides a somewhat “pushy” mother Bridget does not have any siblings she needs to worry about unlike Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice. This was a big change in the movie along with the fact that there wasn’t much focus on social class. In Bridget Jone’s Diary she does not feel the pressure to get married because her family is depending on her because they will have no home once their father dies if she doesn’t find a husband, she feels the pressure to get married solely because of her age and mother questioning her. The mother in Bridget Jone’s Diary seems like any typical mother today who’s daughter doesn’t have a husband at thirty-two. Unlike Mrs. Bennett in Pride and Prejudice Bridget’s mother does not completely embarrass her throughout town pawning her off to rich men, but she does invite eligible men to her party for Bridget to possibly become interested in.
    Something I really enjoyed about this movie was the way their portrayed Bridget. She was a established worker, somewhat of a feminist like Lizzie, and she was strong and independent. By incorporating a sexual aspect into the plot the movie was modernized. The way Bridget acted in the movie definitely pushed the plot along and established Bridget’s role further and allowed modern day people to relate more to her than they might to Lizzie. By focusing on the differences and the acting in the movie I learned more about this story-line and how editing, acting, and the set can make huge differences in the plot.

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